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Jub Jub Claps Back At Amanda And Masechaba

Jub Jub Claps Back At Amanda And Masechaba:

Recent events have seen Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub dragged left and right in public, but now he is fighting back. 

As News 24 reports, the rapper has decided to confront all the accusations made against him through the law. He will reportedly be demanding that Amanda Du Pont and Masechaba Khumalo retract all the statements they made against him, or he will sue them for defamation. 

Just recently, the Skeem Saam actress came out with a video statement, posted on her Instagram, accusing Jub Jub of raping her for two years. While the two of them dated, he allegedly physically and emotionally abused her as well, and also tried to kill her. 

Following her statement, there was a mass public outcry from both sides: those baying for Jub Jub’s blood, and those calling Amanda a liar and a fraud. But it wasn’t long until Masechaba joined in to say she, too, was raped by Jub Jub. In her statement, she offered further details, including that it happened in the rapper’s mother’s house, further dragging more of his life out in public. 

The rapper spoke of his past relationships with Amanda as well as with his ex and baby mama, Kelly Khumalo, in what was perhaps the most controversial and dramatic episode of Podcast and Chill with MacG. But he has been largely quiet since the episode aired and everything erupted in flames. 

It may be worth noting, though, that no public figures have stood with him in these allegations. While Amanda received an outpouring of love and support after her tearful video, Jub Jub’s silence in the aftermath has only got him more bashing and dragging, and little public support. 
Legal action may be a wise move for Jub Jub if he believes he has nothing to hide. So far, the allegations have gotten him suspended by Moja Love, the channel that hosts his show. There is no telling how much more he has lost, in both his personal and professional lives. Perhaps through legal means, he has hope of clearing his name from the mess he accidentally started. 

Now we wait to see what will come of his demand letter. As it stands, Amanda is allegedly also pursuing legal action against him. In her original statement, she asked for legal help in getting Jub Jub to stop talking about her in public, as he was retraumatizing her. But now that he is also going legal, she is bound to retaliate.