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Is Samthing Soweto Dead

Is Samthing Soweto Dead?

Some fans expressed concern over the singer’s dramatic weight loss, while others shamed him and speculated about his health.

Weeks later, singer-songwriter Samkelo “Samthing Soweto” Mdolomba finally addressed the concerns and comments head-on, saying he wasn’t sick but was making a lifestyle change.

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“I’m just trying to address what’s been going on recently, people talking about my weight and stuff. Yazibaffitu, you read that right; I’ve been through a lot,” he said.

“I just wanted to thank all the people who sent prayers with loving messages of support. I’m so grateful.”

However, he clarified that he was not dead and that the change was not due to “personal stress”.

“I’m not going to die. I’m fine. I’m not sick,” he said with a smile.

“I just changed my lifestyle. There are things I don’t do anymore, there are things I don’t eat, there are things I do every day. Those things changed me. I changed and that’s why I look like this ,”He says.

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Samthing Soweto said he wanted to raise the issue because it seemed to get out of hand.

“I want to fix this and say thank you. I’m going through a lot. There are things I might not talk about because they are personal. But right now it feels like the care and love that most of us artists need because sometimes we feel like you Forgot about us. The public forgot about us, we need support, love and affection when we go through a lot.”

He thanked everyone who sent him positive messages. “[Thanks to] everyone who helped to talk about me, what’s going on, and the emails I get. I can’t even reply to all of them because there are so many – messages, DMs and calls make me feel good, know You care,” he said.

“I’m fine. I’ll be fine. I’m not sick, but I’ve been through a lot. But let me assure you, what I’m going through is what most of us are going through.

“Thanks for the likes and jokes, all is well. I appreciate you inviting me to your presentation. I’ll be fine; we’ll all be fine. Thank you to those who defended me.”

It was added that he will soon be releasing new music that people should pay attention to.