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“I Found Maphorisa Crying Like A Baby” – Slik Talk On JazziQ And Thuli Phongolo’s Photo

“I Found DJ Maphorisa Crying Like A Baby” – Slik Talk On Mr JazziQ And Thuli Phongolo’s Photo:

Actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo was one of the stars that attended Riky’s exclusive dinner party and after Mr JazziQ posted snaps of them together, she told him she knew his comment section would be filled with people speculating that the pair are dating. Seemingly obsessed with playing matchup for the former Generations:

The Legacy actor, tweeps recently spread a rumour that Thuli was dating DJ Maphorisa. Now they’ve moved on to another DJ, JazziQ, who they spotted with Thuli at Riky Rick’s recent dinner party and decided the pair are dating.

Controversial YouTuber Slik Talk had a thing or two to say about the dating rumours, also mentioning that he found Mahorisa crying at a gig. “I found DJ Maphorisa crying like a simp. I was like what are you doing? you are DJ Mphorisa.

He was saying ‘Oh he took her’. Grow up, man. DJ Maphoisa is a rich simp. He is ugly and rich, you can see that he has been ugly for his whole life and only got girls after high school.

Then you have Mr JazziQ who has been a player for his whole life so he took her and dominated. He took his girl and put it on his feed. Then what did Maphorisa do? He was like I’m going to unfollow him on Instagram. What type of clown does that? He is a simp,” Slik Talk said in his video.

In an interview with The Journalist, Mr JazziQ spoke out about the rumours that she is dating Thuli P. He explained that he and Thuli are just friends. He further explained that people assumed that he has beef with DJ Maphorisa because of this, which is not true. 

“This past week I posted a picture with Thuli P and like it was going crazy you know? Now there is a story about me having beef with Phori (DJ Maphorisa) like no one has time for beef bro. It was just a picture and me and Thuli are just mates,” he said.