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How to Begin Maize Farming Business In South Africa – The Best Guide:

The other two crops have been rice and wheat. It is much easier for you to start maize farming business than rice or wheat as it requires less capital. It will also interest you to know that it is much easier and simple to start maize farming business.

Just like rice, maize also matures very fast; hence you won’t have to wait up to a year for your returns. It will take a maximum of 5 months for you to harvest your maize, depending on your purpose of farming. One thing that favors maize farming business more than rice and wheat is cultivating it almost anywhere in the country.

So, you see that can carry out maize farming business in any part of Nigeria. You only need the right information to guide you in the process of your maize farming business. This article provides you information regarding:

  • How long does it take maize to grow in Nigeria?
  • What yield of maize can you get from a hectare?
  • How many tonnes is a hectare of maize?
  • Late maize planting season in Nigeria
  • Price of maize per ton in Nigeria
  • Cost of maize production per hectare
  • Maize farming business in Nigeria
  • The business plan for commercial maize farming in Nigeria

All you do is relax as this article has got your back when it comes to starting maize farming business. Many farmers are earning big from maize farming business in Nigeria and you can become one of them.

Important Guidelines To Starting Your Maize Farming Business In Nigeria

Below are the simple but very important things you need to have in place before starting your maize farming business.

  1. Have your commercial maize farming business plan

To venture into commercial maize farming business in Nigeria, you seriously need a well-detailed business plan. Without your business plan for commercial maize farming in Nigeria, your chances at success are very low. This maize farming business plan will help direct your efforts in the course of your farming business.

The business plan can also be used to access loans. Without your business plan, you cannot access the government loans for agriculture in Nigeria. Commercial banks and private investors cannot take you seriously if you don’t have a business plan. Your maize farming business plan is your roadmap to success in your business venture.

  1. Select your farming site

Once you have your business plan and also have the capital, your next task is to choose good farmland. As I said earlier on, you can cultivate maize in virtually anywhere in Nigeria but fertile loamy soil is the best. You should make sure that the soil is well drained. Now that you have your farmland, the next step is land preparation.

You can make use of the mechanical method to clear the land or employ the services of manual laborers. The target is that your farmland is ready for the planting of your maize seedlings.

  1. Get improved maize variety for your maize farming business

To improve the yield of maize you get from a hectare, there is a need for improved maize variety. Some of these improved maize varieties available in Nigeria for you include:

  • The yellow open-pollinated varieties like TZESR-Y; Downy Mildew and Streak Resistant
  • White, open-pollinated varieties like the TZESR-W; Downy Mildew and Streak Resistant
  • The white hybrids like 9022-19, 8321-18, (Striga Resistant)
  • Yellow open-pollinated varieties like the western yellow 1: TZSR-Y-1 (Streak Resistant)

You can always get the above listed and other improved varieties from the ministry of Agriculture in your state. Some agricultural institutes like the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) might have them for you. Before starting your maize production business in Nigeria, try to get any of these improved varieties.

  1. Planting your maize seedlings

Now that you have the improved maize variety, the next step is how to plant it on your farm. It is highly advised that you plant your maize seeds immediately you finished clearing the farmland. This is done so that your maize will grow ahead of the weeds. When you delay planting your maize, it will be exposed to competition with the weeds.

You should plant your maize seed at a depth of 3-4cm and a spacing of about 1 – 1.5feet between each maize plant. It is recommended that you plant your maize between March ending to the first week of April. Depending on how early the rain started, you can also plant during the early periods of the month of May.

  1. Weed control

If you are going to use manual weeding, it should start 15 days after your maize planting. Without even waiting for the 15 days, once you start noticing weed growth in your farm remove them. If you wish to make use of herbicides, you can apply Atrazine pre-emergence at 3kg per hectare on a cleaseedbeded.

To really make huge profits from your maize farming business, weed control is very important. So, you should take it very seriously as it can make or mar your investments in maize farming business.

  1. Harvesting your maize

You can harvest your maize within 3-5 months after planting, depending on the purpose of your maize farming business. The profitability of maize farming in Nigeria is never in doubt. This is because the demand for maize and maize products is always on the rise.