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Has Nadia Nakai Departure From Family Tree Sprung Beef with Cassper Nyovest

Has Nadia Nakai Departure From Family Tree Sprung Beef with Cassper Nyovest ? :

Nadia Nakai and Cassper Nyovest used to be very close whilst Nadia was still with Cassper’s record label Family Tree. They were so close to the point where people assumed that they were an item. But they seem to have drifted apart from each other and fans are curious to know why.

Cassper is currently living his dream in the United Kingdom, working with UK’s finest and pushing the Amapiano wave. Fans could not be more proud of the man as he continues to push boundaries.

With all that he has going on, fans could not help but notice that he and Nadia have not been hanging out at all together and that Cassper might be mad at her for dumping him.

Cassper clarified that he and Nadia are cool with each other and the reason why they would not be seen together often is because they do not have a working relationship anymore. Nadia too said she still has nothing but love for Cassper.

“She left the label and we no longer work together, so naturally we won’t hang as much. She’s got a new team and I’m sure she’ll be good because she always did her own thing anyway,” he wrote.

The speculations that they are not on good terms started last year when they were seen arguing in studio. It was during his recording on Any Minute Now.

Nadia also made another revelation that she is probably the reason Cassper and AKA are not on good terms. She revealed this on Khuli Chana’ music talk show on Trace called The Originators. Apparently AKA snubbing her on Baddest Remix many years ago rubbed Cass the wrong way so he was more drawn to working with her.

“When AKA released the Baddest Remix with all the female Emcees that made Cassper & TLee more drawn to work with me because they felt I was left out on purpose,” Nadia told the rapper.

Another reason fans think they are no longer close is because she agreed to be on his arch enemy’s braai show with AKA, which he now hosts season 2 at. Cassper did not appreciate Nadia working with AKA but he accepted it. Cassper got trolled by people saying AKA always gets to have the last laugh.

Cassper got pressed by these comments and he said, “We gone see about that, when he gets the balls to step in the ring with me. Soon as he gets the balls to back up all that shit he talk. Ima be waiting.”

At the time Cassper did not have a problem with Nadia working with AKA. When he asked her she responded by saying, “of course what do you mean.”

Of course the biggest thing that gave it away was when she dumped him to go her own separate way. She revealed this on Slikour’s YouTube channel. “I am no longer with The Tree. I am working on my own record label. I need to be able to stand on my own. Funny enough, I was scared to tell Cass. After I told him, I could feel he was a bit sad, but we are good.” 

“I will always hold Cass in the highest regard and respect because he’s been very instrumental in my career and life,” she added.