Gail Mabalane Seeks Help From the Public Openly

Gail Mabalane Seeks Help From the Public Openly:

South African actress and musician Gail Mabalane has taken to social media to ask her followers for help. Her dear friend Shadrack has worked at their complex for four years was shot in the neck while on his way to work. Unfortunately, he is now quadriplegic.

”Hello everyone. Please meet our dear friend, Shadrack. Shadrack has worked for years in our complex. One of the kindest human beings I know. Earlier this month, at around 5 am on his way to work, he was mugged and shot in the neck. Shad was discharged from the hospital yesterday…the doctors have said that he is now sadly a quadriplegic. Shadrack left home walking on that fateful morning, and went home yesterday in a wheelchair.” She shared.

She asks for financial assistance to help Shadrack and his family. “I would like to use this opportunity to humbly appeal to anyone for assistance. He and his beautiful family (wife & 2kids) need help. From financial assistance (as he is now unable to work) to anything that will assist them on this journey.”
The things he will need include A wheelchair, Physiotherapy and medical supplies. Below is a detailed list of everything he will need.

1) A wheelchair (the one in the pic is loaned.
2) A lazy boy chair (because he can’t sit in a wheelchair all day)
3) Foam mattress
4) Occupational therapy5) Physiotherapy
4) Trauma counselling for him and his family
5) Their home needs to be adjusted for him
6) Medical supplies

There is a link in her Instagram bio where donations can be made.

In August Gail Mabalane’s husband, Kabelo Mabalane revealed that he had lost his uncle.

“Malome Danny personified what servant leadership meant. To him, it was never about titles but rather about function. I salute Malome and his generation of freedom fighters because of their commitment, it was never conditional, they stayed true to the cause regardless.”

Mabalane said that his uncle’s servant attitude is what has had the most impact in his life and it is an attribute that he strives to emulate.

“Over everything else, his attitude as a servant is what impacted me most about his life and it is an attribute I always strive to emulate.”

He further added that his uncle served as the president of the South African Students Movement which was responsible for the uprising in 1976.

“My uncle, a Robben Island detainee charged with sedition, a parliamentarian in the first democratically elected SA government, served as president of the South African Students Movement which was responsible for the June 1976 uprising. Lala kahle Mkhonto!” He said.