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Fiso El Musica Album – The Ancestral Calling ARTWORK

Fiso El Musica Album – The Ancestral Calling ZIP Download

Fiso El Musica Album – The Ancestral Calling Download Album ZIP & MP3

South African legendary afro house hit maker Fiso El Musica, premieres his long awaited album for the fans tonight. As he take out the new album titled The Ancestral Calling. The project compiles a wholesome number of tracks and they are all nice on the roll.

Also, it would be worthy to note that Fiso El Musica must have coupled a lot of efforts to seeing that this awesome work came out with professionalism. And gathering some friendly SA top profile artistes on this single project is a vital and wise idea.

Without further ado, vibe along with all the tracks on this album and don ‘t forget to share your thoughts below:


1. Fiso el Musica – The Ancestral Calling (feat. Soa mattrix, SiMs, Tracy, Lee Mckrazy & DSax) DOWNLOAD

2. Fiso el Musica – Kunaru (feat. Lee Mckrazy) DOWNLOAD

3. Fiso el Musica – Avenue Sessions Tribute (feat. Entity MusiQ) DOWNLOAD

4. Fiso el Musica – Umuntu (feat. Tracy, Vinox Musiq & DSax) DOWNLOAD

5. Fiso el Musica – Vat N Sit (feat. Tracy) DOWNLOAD

6. Fiso el Musica – Serenade (feat. DSax) DOWNLOAD

7. Fiso el Musica – African Sorrow (feat. Sego M) DOWNLOAD

8. Fiso el Musica – Jabula (feat. Lungi) DOWNLOAD

9. Fiso el Musica – Selina (feat. Entity MusiQ & Lee Mckrazy) DOWNLOAD

10. Fiso el Musica – Gong Gong (feat. Tracy, Vinox Musiq & DSax) DOWNLOAD

11. Fiso el Musica – Akbar DOWNLOAD

12. Fiso el Musica – Inganono (feat. Entity MusiQ, Slungesh & Lee Mckrazy) DOWNLOAD

13. Fiso el Musica – Street Fighter (Gangster Mix) DOWNLOAD

14. Fiso el Musica – Savanna (feat. Entity MusiQ & SiMs) DOWNLOAD

15. Fiso el Musica – Mamasekhaya (feat. Soa mattrix, Entity MusiQ, SiMs, Tracy, Lee Mckrazy & Okuhle) DOWNLOAD

16. Fiso el Musica – Samsokolo DOWNLOAD

17. Fiso el Musica – Mene Mene (feat. Sego M) DOWNLOAD

18. Fiso el Musica – Inkulumo (feat. Entity MusiQ)

19. Fiso el Musica – Umthetho DOWNLOAD

20. Fiso el Musica – Las Gado (feat. Entity MusiQ) DOWNLOAD

21. Fiso el Musica – Yesss (feat. Entity MusiQ & Slungesh) DOWNLOAD