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Find A Valuable Career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:

The possibilities are amazing and with each passing day, it has attracted renewed interests from major global stakeholders, firms and the government. These interests have sparked up very huge investments in the future- yes cause automation is really the future and has made this field highly lucrative.

Automation isn’t possible without two crucial principles “ Artificial learning” and “Machine Learning “ these two makes up those little pieces that combine to give us a whole new experience.

They involve the creation of intelligent machines to learn, work, react and handle tasks like humans. Humans are natural lazy beings so this would serve as a great relief for their work life – as less and less tasks will be done by them while they have more free time for their leisure plus zero procrastinations, such an exciting experience indeed.

There’s really no better time than now to get interested professionally in the world of AI and Machine Learning as statistics have shown that there have been almost 100% increase in job “AI” and “Machine Learning tags” . Lot of lucrative opportunities exist in this tech space which one can invest oneself in and become a global problem solver making global bucks.

Below are some high demand employment opportunities in the AI and Machine Learning sectors

1) Data Scientists

Just as the name implies, they’re the scientists behind the data. These are trained professionals who are charged with the responsibilities of collecting, analyzing and interpreting large data through predictive analytics and machine learning. These data when properly structured works to checkmate the framework of firms, businesses and investments and can help them make better and profitable business decisions in the future.

No wonder data scientists are very demanded – they convert the big data to big income for investors.
People interested in this field is expected to have a strong academic background in the Sciences, Mathematics or Engineering, demonstrate high analytical reason and an enviable communication skill as it would be handful in communicating progress and strategies to business leaders.

2) Business Intelligence Developer

Big Data

This is one of the most lucrative aspect of AI and machine learning operations. They’re the big data scientists sometimes they’re also referred to as the Big Data Architects. They go a step further by creating an ecosystem that enables business systems to communicate and collate data that brings about huge results in minute time.

They know exactly what data dots could make patterns. Many big data engineers are quite advanced in their academic background most times up to PhD levels both don’t worry get on as many big data certifications as possible, get your first entry level job and keep giving businesses high data solutions. By the way, it has one of the most scary average median salary and you can work anywhere from the globe- I believe that should be enough motivation.

4) Research Scientists

This is a also a very high sought after career in the AI. They are needed everywhere from advancements in research laboratories, non governmental agencies, private research and the likes.
They’re responsible for undertaking controlled laboratory experiments, investigations and trials. They hold vary high applications in biotechnology, in vaccine production, in medical simulations.

An advanced degree in Sciences would do plus an open mind poisoned thoroughly by curiousity is what’s needed to have a good head start in this area. According to US Bureau of Labour Statistics “there’s expected to be a growth in demand rate for research scientists of 6% from 2018 to 2028- a rate that exceed 5% for all occupations.

More and more opportunities arise each day in the fields of AI and Machine learning. Thus tapping into this rich amazing future would demand that you find a niche you’re comfortable with, get as much information as possible concerning it and start investing your time, money, resources and even relationships where your heart lies. Remember ONLY the smart ones win. Make sure you’re part of that “ONLY”