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Fans Are Unhappy With Makhadzi For Removing King Monada On Ganama:

he masses (Tweeps) are fuming and have taken to the streets to criticize hitmaker Makhadzi, real name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona for removing King Monada in the second version of her recent hit Ganama ft. Prince Benza!

And the new version of Ganama premiered 11 hours ago with more than 60K views on YouTube.

ZAPlaylist reported that the Matorokisi singer and her homeboy King Monada were recently at a battlefield after a video of their new song Ganama went cray-cray on the socials. The song, according to Makhadzi, it’s hers.

Ganama is my song, my concept, and melodies, featuring King Monada and Prince Benza on the beats. I did a dong after recording Monada’s song called Impossible.

“Our King must just drop his song called Impossible ft. Makhadzi… Because we can’t let greediness make us fight! How can you own a song without doing anything roitiwa kale hezwo zwaufhiwa beat raimba nnthahayo rafhedza rasa own song… zwazwino ndiakona uphila,” wrote Makhadzi.

“Our King must do the right thing because I won’t allow him to own my work… No matter how the love and respect I have towards him.

“You all decided to Idibala and I like it… LOL, like you did when you Hakamatorokisi on a piano song Hamba Ngolaini… We cannot control you guys what to do on a song! You’re our bosses we do music for you and we love you all,” said Makhadzi.

Here are some of the views from the masses:

“Makhadzi’s advisors, the point is she ruined a potential song of the year by removing King Monada, yes the song is hers, but it’s whack, now what Hai nor your people. All you had to do was to collaborate le yena (with him) if you want it on your next album, why don’t you just give us a duo album wena le Monada It would break all records, stop listening to people who want to use you maarn,” wrote @Kgolo_Hlapa.

Some said that Ganama without King Monada was “trash”.

“The excitement of this song (Ganama) was more about seeing you guys collaborating and making Limpopo proud as you are both great artists. Something like what we’ve been waiting for a hit by you guys. Now the excitement is no longer the same. We feel robbed and disappointed by you guys,” wrote @Makompone.

“Don’t listen to negative people Makhadzi, King Monada wanted to shine with your song since he is no longer relevant. Monada is known for using upcoming artists, luckily you are no longer an upcoming artist. It’s a hit (Ganama),” wrote @Humbu58705558.

“You think we are fools, you are not going to get any view from me. Try so hard, deep down you know you have messed up,” wrote @Mohale_Evans.

Others have accused Makhadzi of being a “liar” after she allegedly said the stunt they pulled was to derive publicity for Ganama.

“Firstly you said it was a publicity stunt then you removed his vocals. Artists always sabotage themselves and expect public sympathy when they don’t get recognized by the right people at the end. Anyways, o lemenemene Ausi. O lemenemene (a liar),” wrote @KaraboRithuri_.