Euphonik Reminices About his Experience with the Late Killer Kau

Euphonik Reminices About his Experience with the Late Killer Kau:

Radio host and DJ Euphonik has taken to his Twitter account to remember the later Killer Kau. The amapiano star passed away in a car crash in August 2021.

Killer Kau rose to fame with a video of him singing his song Tholukuthi Hey. The video went viral on social media and it was later produced by the DJ Euphonik. Proving that he was not a one hit wonder he later released several songs including his smash hit Amaneighbour.

Euphonik shared a video of him with Killer Kau after they recorded the single. In the clip Killer Kau was heard singing his praises and thanking him for helping to launch his career.

Lady Du also remembered Killer Kau recently and shared an old video of them dancing. “”I’m just laughing alone hey at how you always gave me confidence. Lol I miss you soo much @killerkau_rsa I guess it’s one of those days,” she said.

Killer Kau died in the same car accident with Mpura who was also a famous Amapiano vocalist. Lady Du very close to Mpura as well. Speaking at his funeral, she said people should listen to Impilo YaseSandton if they want to know about the muso’s life.

Mpura was family orientated and wanted to leave a legacy for his mother. “He said to me ‘you know what friend, I want to leave a legacy for my mum and my family. One thing I do not want to do was to leave earth and not do something for my family,” said Lady Du.

“Mpura was the one person who gave me an opportunity when I was just sitting at the studio. When they were singing Umsebenzi Wethu, then he called me to the mic. At that time I was depressed, I wasn’t in a good space. I said to Mpura I can’t sing,” she said.

Recently their friend Mr. JazziQ, was accused of sacrificing with their lives for the betterment of his career. Rea claimed that JazziQ was not a big star before the death of Mpura and Killer Kau, but after their passing, he became a superstar. “The entire entertainment industry looked passed the fact that JazziQ sacrificed Killer Kau and Mpura…for the betterment of his career,” alleged Rea, who by the way forgot to use the word whilst making his wild accusations. 

He then speculated his whereabout and said he left as soon as the accident happened, “The day after they died, he went to Ghana…” said Rea then his co-host Blvck Steph, asked him “so you think the ritual was don. The star has since lawyered up against him.