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Duo TxC Gave Insight Towards Their Forthcoming Performance In Germany

Duo TxC Gave Insight Towards Their Forthcoming Performance In Germany:

Amapiano duo Tarryn Reid and Clairise Hefke, collectively known as TxC, are set to rule the music world. The dynamic duo, known for rocking parties across the globe, may be fresh on the block with their music career spanning just two years, but Reid, 25, and Hefke, 27, firmly believe they’ve got what it takes to collaborate with the likes of Nigerian superstar Davido.

They are preparing to go perform in Germany. “We’re looking forward to going to Germany for the first time,” says Tarryn Reid, one half of TxC, which she started with Clairise Hefke. “We’ll be headlining shows all across Europe over their summer period and plan on doing as much as we can on that side.” 

They are the dynamic duo that started DJing during the peak of the pandemic and amid heavy lockdown restrictions. Two years later, they are living their dreams. What’s the secret to their success? For starters, they do not just play the next song, but they entertain patrons by dancing while mixing.

They have been working on an EP titled A Fierce since early last year, they add. “The title stems from the fact that we’re introducing a fierce sound to our fans and it’s the first time people get to hear the type of sound we’re into,” says Claire.

“We also have our first international feature with Nigerian-based artist Tim Lyre on a track called Mood,” says Tarryn.