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Dr. Malinga To File Case Against DJ Maphorisa for Allegedly Threatening Him with a Gun

Dr. Malinga To File Case Against DJ Maphorisa for Allegedly Threatening Him with a Gun:

DJ Maphorisa came for all the people he is beefing with including Dr. Malinga, but Malinga has hit back. In his Facebook Live session this week, Maphorisa told an unsuspecting Dr. Malinga that he needs to stop hating on him or else guns might get involved.

Earlier on this week, Dr. Malinga took to social media to tell Maphorisa that he needs to apologise to him or do as he promised on his Instagram Live, which is to allegedly shoot him. Malinga made it known that he does not know what he did to Maphorisa for him to say the things he said on his Facebook.

“My dream is to meet DJ MAPHORISA so you can shoot me with (GUNS) as he promised or apologize, beause I don’t know what I’ve done now, thanks bye.” he wrote.

Well, Malinga was responding to some of the things DJ Maphorisa said on his Instagram Live – which were by the way directed at Makwa. He noticed that Malinga was also part of the viewers and told him to stop watching because he is not straight with him.

“Even you Dr. Malinga, stop watching my show [live]. Malinga is on and off. You have to be f***en straight with me. It’s either you hate me or you love me. It’s either we fix this thing, we just be nice people from Pretoria or just leave us alone. When we bump into each other let it pop of once. I [could] take guns and leave with my security. You must fix this thing of yours. I don’t know why you f***en hate me or you hate my success,” he warned Malinga.

Malinga then felt the need to address this issue on social media, but when he was contacted by the media, he revealed that he will take legal action against Maphorisa because he threatened his safety by mentioning guns.

Speaking to TshisaLive, Dr. Malinga said although he is planning on taking Maphorisa to court, he is waiting for an apology. He said even if he was not planning on shooting him, should anything happen to him that involves guns, fingers will point at him.

“He’s acting like a gangster now. I could open a case against him any time I want but I’m waiting for him to apologise. If he doesn’t apologise I have to open a case. I won’t be threatened to be killed. If someone kills me with a gun people will think it’s him. He’s busy jeopardising what he worked hard for. He worked very hard to mention guns. We don’t have to be like that,” he said.

All Malinga said when he mentioned Maphorisa was that he is the King Of Amapiano and that he made Amapiano what they are today. He maintains that he does not know what he did to him.

“I don’t have bodyguards because I don’t bother anyone. I’m not scared. I’m just surprised what I did to him. Why did he even say such to me because I spoke to him a long time ago. Maybe there are people who told him something about me,” he said.

With regards to Focalistic and why he said he is ugly and has a stinking attitude, Malinga said they have sorted out their differences as he had apologized.

Watch Maphorisa’s live below: