Dr Malinga Blasts Focalistic - “Your Attitude Is Ugly Like Your Face,”

Dr Malinga Blasts Focalistic – “Your Attitude Is Ugly Like Your Face,”:

Singer, entertainer and businessman Dr Malinga who has been hitting the industry for a while now, always finds himself on the lips of many of his fans. Known for his “no sleep” line, Malinga always finds a way to keep his fans entertained more especially during December times.

Dr Malinga took to social media to share some thoughts or rather his feelings about amapiano star Focalistic. Malinga called out Foca saying he has a bad attitude. “FOCALISTIC YOUR ATTITUDE IS UGLY LIKE YOUR FACE THANKS BYE,” he tweeted. See tweet:

The “no sleep” doctor once explained his “obsession” with songs about not sleeping.”l “When I started, it wasn’t my intention to be known as the guy who is against sleeping, but after the first two hit songs shared the “no sleep” theme and won over the listeners, I had no choice. People will take any song I give them throughout the year, but come December, the most frequent question I get is: ‘Dr Malinga are we sleeping this year?’ So in my attempt to answer that question year after year, I have produced killer tracks about lack of sleep every year since 2015.”

Dr Malinga has since been the subject of many memes and jokes about his apparent “anti-sleep” stance and he said he’s happy to be the subject of jokes. “I have some of the most loyal fans ever. Fans who tell me when I’m losing my way and fans who actually help me write these songs. They are the ones who made me realise that there was a common thing in all my hit songs released for the festive season. The songs work because they are not only songs but moods. A December mood.”