Vico Da Sporo fine tunes yet another booming project for the fans crowned Underrated 2.0 Album. However, from the name of this body of work, one can easily deduced that, this is the second series of the album. And with the quality guest featured artists on this musical piece of offering, you are assured an excellent listening session.

Vico Da Sporo, a versatile and prominent South African multi-award winning singer, must have put in efforts on this record. Definitely, came through with top tracks that should be enlisted into your most preferred music playlist. Thus, be ready to have one of the best listening experience.

Reviews & Ratings on Underrated 2.0 Album by Vico Da Sporo

This drawn out music playlist is a remarkable venture, as the perceptions from the studio listening meeting uncovered about our group. In the light, this project deserves five stars. The tracks’ vocal performances by the guest featured artists are spectacular and upbeat. You will undoubtedly enjoy listening to the tracks once you have a good sense of how they sound. As such, plan to breathe new live into your most preferred music playlist with these new tunes that anybody could expect to see as for nothing.

Stream and download Vico Da Sporo – Underrated 2.0 Album Below:

Underrated 2.0 Album Tracks:

1. Vico Da Sporo, Sibusiso Makhoba & Sipho Keyz – Mana Phela (Intro) DOWNLOAD

2. Vico Da Sporo & Charlotte Lyf – Impilo DOWNLOAD

3. Vico Da Sporo & Charlotte Lyf – Isondo DOWNLOAD

4. Vico Da Sporo & Floyd rhymatic – S’babuli DOWNLOAD

5. Vico Da Sporo & Natasha MD – Njalo DOWNLOAD

6. Vico Da Sporo & Sibusiso ISO Makhoba – Thank You!!! DOWNLOAD

7. Vico Da Sporo & Azana – Thola DOWNLOAD

8. Vico Da Sporo & Azana – Amaphupho DOWNLOAD

9. Vico Da Sporo, Re worksx sandile & Muc – 1824 Noyana Remix DOWNLOAD

10. Vico Da Sporo & Sibusiso Makhoba – Nguye Nguye DOWNLOAD

11. Vico Da Sporo, Sipho & Singapoure – Re Pata DOWNLOAD

12. Vico Da Sporo & Zaba – Mgido DOWNLOAD