Skwatta Kamp premiere their long awaited musical project titled SVN Album. The top rated South African musical crew, are seven in the group and have been working together for a very long time for the fans. Tonight, they however, delivered what they called their last project together and fans are already skeptical about the release.

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Furthermore, this records compiles various musical language vibes across Africa. It’s a compilation of afrobeat and pop music all through and is booming already. It’s cool we having a fresh project from them and the fans are so happy they are still together.

Cop full album and share your thoughts below:


1. Skwatta Kamp – Keep Shining ft. Max-Hoba DOWNLOAD

2. Skwatta Kamp – Umama Akekho ft. Assessa, Payseen DOWNLOAD

3. Skwatta Kamp – There You Go DOWNLOAD

4. Skwatta Kamp – Mfana Ka Gogo DOWNLOAD

5. Skwatta Kamp – In The Name of Love ft. Aewon Wolf DOWNLOAD

6. Skwatta Kamp – Risking It All DOWNLOAD

7. Skwatta Kamp – Indaba iLa DOWNLOAD

8. Skwatta Kamp – O.G ft. Junior DOWNLOAD

9. Skwatta Kamp – Like This DOWNLOAD

10. Skwatta Kamp – Gimme Gimme DOWNLOAD

11. Skwatta Kamp – Holiday DOWNLOAD

12. Skwatta Kamp – Leave Me Alone DOWNLOAD

13. Skwatta Kamp – Turbo DOWNLOAD