Ezase Thupa & Busta 929 premiere the second series to their already booming music project titled Class of 2023 Term 2 Album. However, this is a purely amapiano genre song collections with mainly instrumentals, debuted under the Thupa Industry Record Label.

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Also, an amazing aspect of this expected to be hit album is that, the tracks are all headed by only the Record Label artists. In other words, there are no guest featured artists on this body of work. Busta 929 has been on the course to spring up new South African young talents to limelight. And he has been very consistent, though not an easy task. In addition, for the records, this is the second official Record Label project release from Thupa Industry Record Label. With an extended music playlist of eleven solid tracks, you are sure of getting the best sounds from them all. Thus, keep your heads up to feel the rhythms and vibe of this amazing piece of tracks offering.

Thupa Industry Record Label, from the look of things, remains the most hardworking record label in South Africa this year. And with an album that only entails instrumentals, upcoming artists that do the amapiano genre of music are opportune. As they can utilise these beats and make professional amapiano songs. At this junction, get your musical headset to feel the rhythms and vibe of this amazing body of work. More so, this joint project will definitely stand the test of time, and also find its way to topping musical charts across South Africa. Also the tracks on this album are most likely going to be your favorite songs after getting some good streams of the songs. Without further ado, get the full tracks on Class of 2023 Term 2 Album and also share your thoughts. Download Ezase Thupa – Class of 2023 Term 2 Album Below:


1. Almighty – DLULA (Feat Springle, Pushkin, BenyRic & Msamaria) DOWNLOAD

2. Busta 929 – KUNZIMA (Feat Msamaria & Lolo SA) DOWNLOAD

3. Djy Vino – MY ZUZU (Feat Treble Deep & Ofentse Vocals) DOWNLOAD

4. KNOWLEY-D – VUMA (Feat BenyRic, Pringle & Pushkin) DOWNLOAD

5. Lolo SA – QUANTUM (Feat Almighty & Mzostra) DOWNLOAD

6. Msamaria – BUM JIVE (Feat KNOWLEY-D & Lolo SA) DOWNLOAD

7. Zwesh SA – iCLOCKILE (Feat 20ty Soundz) DOWNLOAD

8. 20ty Soundz – iPRESSURE yePRADA ( Feat Busta 929, Djy Vino, Leemckrazy, T E N & Manzo) DOWNLOAD



11. Djy Vino – VOICES (Feat Via Seri) DOWNLOAD