DJ Buhle, a trending South African house music female disc jockey unleashes yet another booming music project titled Be Still EP. However, this really a massive extended playlist of work for the top rated South African music producer. And this song collection houses eight solid tracks, coupled with top rated guest featured artists.

Given the rise of afro-house music, the decline of South African hip hop is not surprising. Additionally, hip bounce specialists from South Africa are currently contributing the most to the class’s revival. It’s no large treat that the central thing we see frequently is rapper joint endeavors on perfect assortments. Despite this, they should go with it. We saw DJ Buhle and a group of young female talented singers and songwriters working on an album together tonight.

The music duo may be regarded as upcoming specialists, but they stand to benefit greatly from their position in the South African music industry. Additionally, this set of songs is an excellent place to begin their rise to fame. Make sure you have a sound headset ready so you can keep up with the amazing joint venture’s great rhythms and energy at this intersection. Also, tell us what you think of this brand-new music duo from South Africa. Download DJ Buhle – Be Still EP Below:


1. DJ Buhle – Be Still DOWNLOAD

2. DJ Buhle – Awake DOWNLOAD