ThackzinDJ & Tee Jay – 1 000 000 Amapiano Seconds (Kings Of The Surface) Album ZIP Artwork

ThackzinDJ & Tee Jay – 1 000 000 Amapiano Seconds (Kings Of The Surface) Album ZIP Download

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South African thrilling amapiano hit maker ThackzinDJ & Tee Jay join efforts to form the music crew called Kings Of The Surface. As they finally premiere their long awaited body of work titled 1 000 000 Amapiano Seconds. This duo are however, known for their many hit songs and collaborations, either appearing as a guest featured artists or producers and beat makers.

Furthermore, with so much hard work, they were able to release a massive sixteen track project, which is currently booming for the fans. Also, on the guest featured area, they were able to link up with the likes of Nkosazana Daughter, Jessica LM, Azana, Manu Worldstar, Basetsana. Get your headphones all ready and feel the evidence of good music all over and over again for the weekend.

Without further ado, vibe along with this amazing album and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment session below:


1. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Izintombi ft. Nkosazana Daughter, Jessica LM DOWNLOAD

2. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Asphuze ft. MFR Souls, Murumba Pitch, Moscow on Keys DOWNLOAD

3. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Everything Happens 4 A Reason ft. Khanyi Mbau, Lucille Slade, Basetsana, Moscow on Key DOWNLOAD

4. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Try (Instrumental) DOWNLOAD

5. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Amazwi ft. Skye Wanda, T-Man SA & Rascoe Kaos DOWNLOAD

6. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Stimela ft. Nkosazana Daughter, Le Sax, Jessica LM DOWNLOAD

7. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Salu’usuyeka ft. Azana & Rascoe Kaos DOWNLOAD

8. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Mrs Party (Khala AmaGirls) ft. Kid X, T-Man SA, Rascoe Kaos DOWNLOAD

9. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Imizwa ft. Azana, Manu Worldstar, Basetsana DOWNLOAD

10. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Empini ft. Azana, Nkosazana Daughter, Sir Trill, T-Man SA, Sipho Magudulela DOWNLOAD

11. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Wena ft. Nkosazana Daughter, Sir Trill DOWNLOAD

12. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Ungowami ft. Azana, T-Man SA DOWNLOAD

13. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Zajika Izinto ft. Master KG, Sir Trill, Basetsana DOWNLOAD

14. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Yini Sdakwa ft. Sir Trill, Dlala Thukzin, Rascoe Kaos, Mpura, Nkosazana Daughter, Moscow DOWNLOAD

15. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Uzobuya Nini ft. Nkosazana Daughter, Dlala Thukzin, Murumba Pitch, Moscow on Keys, DJ Bongz DOWNLOAD

16. Tee Jay & ThackzinDJ – Don’t Tatazel (Kushubile) ft. Mr JazziQ, Sir Trill, Soa Mattrix DOWNLOAD