DJ Zinhle denies rumours that he will undergo surgery to acquire firmer, larger boobs. The DJ as of late shared photographs of herself showing a lot of cleavage.

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People came to the conclusion that she had undergone breast lift augmentation after seeing the pictures on other social media platforms.

Zinhle claimed that she prayed for the rumors.

While making fun of the people who were spreading the rumors, she said, “Ngithe ngiwathandazele.”

As per ZiMoja, it was deepthroated that the finance manager has for a long time truly needed to fix her bosoms.

A source claims DJ Zinhle doesn’t believe in surgery but believes she can’t fix her breasts by working out. “She has never been shy to talk about the fact that she wanted to fix her boobs.” She exercises and does not have any problems, but this was one thing she needed to fix, and she is pleased with the results,” the sources add.