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DJ Zinhle Launches her new Jewellery and Accessories Store at the Mall Of Africa

DJ Zinhle Launches her new Jewellery and Accessories Store at the Mall Of Africa:

DJ Zinhle’s big day has finally arrived as Africa’s number 1 DJ will be launching her new jewelry and accessories store, Era By DJ Zinhle store at the Mall Of Africa today.

The expecting mother has been counting down to this day for the longest time now and it has finally arrived. DJ Zinhle is heavily pregnant so we can imagine her exhaustion but she is super proud of her team for the work they have put in, making sure that the build up to their store opening ran smooth.

Fans and potential clients can make their way to the store launch today at 12:30. Speaking about her new baby, Zinhle says, “I am super excited about our new flagship store at The Mall Of Africa. This is a very big deal for my team and I. In a time where there has been so much loss, so many setbacks and hardships, I realized that it is important to take time and celebrate every victory along the way.”

“It may sound crazy but 8 years ago, no one wanted to work with an ambitious DJ from Dannhauser. Even a weekly appearance on national TV didn’t convince them that my brand and I were quiet worth the risk. They judged who I was at the time and couldn’t see who I could become at the time,” she continues.

“I had to shift my focus, I stopped looking for partnership instead I went out and looked for ownership. It wasn’t as easy and powerful as I make it sound in fact I had to work harder than I ever had. There was blood sweat tears and a lot of life lessons in between,” says Zinhle.

She then goes on to relay the purpose of Era By DJ Zinhle, saying it was intended to empower women, and she realised that the only way that was going to happen is if they were also left inspired. “The biggest investments was in ourselves.”

She then advised people who wish to become a business mogul like her, “Start where you are, start with you. Play the cards you are dealt and bet on yourself. Don’t wait for someone else to make it easy for you, throw yourself in every aspect of your business. Don’t just think about it be about it. Don’t focus on being unsure, use your energy to make it happen make that move and don’t be afraid to go the long way,” advises Zinhle.

DJ Zinhle’s empowering message extends beyond her business advice, resonating even in the carefully curated jewelry collections at Era By DJ Zinhle. Much like DJ Zinhle’s journey to success, the earring stacks sets will also encourage individuals to start where they are, play their unique cards, and fearlessly embark on their path, ultimately becoming architects of their own empowerment. These meticulously designed sets not only elevate one’s style but also serve as a tangible reminder to bet on oneself.


On the other hand, DJ Zinhle has her friends and partner for support, aside form her family. She has suffered painful morning wake ups, even as early as 4AM! But her friends have been stuck with her and she showed them appreciation. She posted Moozlie and Jessica Nkosi saying she loves them.

In the next slide, she thanked Moozlie for going the extra mile proving the good friend that she is. We love this for her!