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DJ Zinhle And Her New Born Baby Asante Returns Home

DJ Zinhle And Her New Born Baby Asante Returns Home:

It looks like DJ Zinhle and her baby girl, who is believed to have been named Asante, received a very warm homecoming from their family. When news broke that Zinhle had given birth on Wednesday, close friends revealed that they would be discharged by the end of the week.

The doting mother had also hinted that she has indeed welcomed her baby girl when she posted ‘grateful’ on her IG stories. On Saturday, Zinhle posted a series of stories where she puts on her shoes, standing next to some luggage. Hinting at leaving the hospital after staying there for a few days following her apparent C-section procedure.

DJ Zinhle IG Stories
Then she posted a GIF of what looks like a small dinner party with close friends and family. The dinner table had pink balloons, hinting once again that she welcomed a baby girl. They definitely had a feast as the food looked mouthwatering.

DJ Zinhle IG Stories

With all this baby fever, Zinhle is also waiting in anticipation for the premier of her reality show DJ Zinhle: The Unexpected on BET Africa. She once again posted another trailer and boy are fans excited.

We have picked up three important things from the trailer alone, showing that the show will be a hit!

Wedding bells ringing?

DJ Zinhle has revealed that she does not want to get married but her bae Murdah Bongz insists that he wants to “do the right thing.” The right thing can only mean that she and Murdah to make things official and become a family.

During their stroll, Zinhle breaks the news to Murdah but he insist on doing the right thing but Zinhle asks him, “the right thing for who?”

She then speaks to a family member who tells her that she is ready for a wedding. But Zinhle’s blank face says it all.

Perhaps the right thing for her family is that Bongani Mohosana has to come and pay damages since he impregnated her. She was speaking with her family and her brother and she dropped a bombshell saying that Bongani’s family does not want to pay damages for a woman who already has a child from a previous relationship.

Life without AKA

DJ Zinhle is tired of people thinking her life has a huge Kiernan Forbes factor. Her baby daddy AKA has no role he plays in her life and she has made that clear on the reality show. There is also a picture of AKA and their baby Kairo Forbes in her home.

Era By DJ Zinhle is struggling?

It looks like Zinhle jewellery and accessories company Era By DJ Zinhle migth be struggling. Zinhle recently launched her flagship store Era By DJ Zinhle at the Mall Of Africa and it was a huge success. But it might be struggling as Mama Ka Kairo revealed on her reality show that it is a major concern for her as the other companies are doing well.

“Boulevard is doing well, distribution is our biggest thing right now. Era is a bit of a concern for me right now. I feel like I’ve been babysitting Era for too long,” said Zinhle. Then an employee from Era chooses to resign from the company as she faces major challenges. This leaves Zinhle heavy with emotions as she is/was pregnant.

Watch the trailer below: