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DJ Maphorisa Blasts Makwa Of Copying His Wave On Ngud’ And Getting A Career from It

DJ Maphorisa Blasts Makwa Of Copying His Wave On Ngud’ And Getting A Career from It:

Music wars, beefs and twars never come to an end. Amapiano pioneer and musical artist Makwa are currently beefing over one artist stealing another’s shine.

DJ Maphorisa is on an online battle with Makwa over allegations of one artist copying the other. Maphorisa took to social media to address the fight between the two stars and share his opinion on the whole matter. “Makes shut da fuck up ur whole career was made after ur copied my wave from Ngud’ by kwesta n u created Spirit n ect…. fix urself n f*cken work hard for ur sh*t. Start ur own sh*t u disgusting I hope u stopped drinking lean mxm disappointed,” he wrote.

This comes after makwa wrote that there is one artist whom has burnt bridges with him and they will never work together again in future. “The last time I trusted someone I spoke highly of on a daily basis he f*cked it up for all of us, imagine now the bridge is Burnes and we no longer going to work together. I’ve lost respect for the broer because he didn’t think of umculo he didn’t think of people who’ve been asking for our project for years. The songs I have on my side I’ll release them because I believe in recordile recordile. Hope one day he’ll have the balls to come apologize. I know he’ll see this post because he disappointed me in so many levels,” he wrote.

Phori however, never left the matter unattended as he reacted to the posts by saying he allowed Makwa to sleep of his couch for three days copying his wave and that he should accept that Maphorisa is on the winning team. See posts: