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DJ Maphorisa and Sir Trill involved in public fight

DJ Maphorisa and Sir Trill involved in public fight:

“Don’t compare yourself with me” DJ Maphorisa responds as Sir Trill’s accuse him of blocking his success.
Rumour mill has it that DJ Maphorisa is the Gatekeeper of Amapiano and no one can be successful in the industry without his aid.

Maphorisa fancies his contribution to the rise of Amapiano and considers himself the chief founder. Rumours are that upcoming artist who doesn’t get along with him will not succeed as he blocks every channel available including the cancellation of shows.

A few days ago, Amapiano artist Sir Trill released a statement that was so emotional and left fans shocked. He accused unnamed established people in the industry of trying to block and steal his music.

Trill feels that those people are forcing him to sign and transfer his music rights hence stealing his efforts. Once reading the statement, fans believes it is Maphorisa who is dubbed the ‘Gatekeeper of Amapiano’.

Maphorisa did not take this lightly as he responded with a big man statement. The war of words is heating up now without names mentioning names.

DJ Maphorisa joins the Umlando dance challenge – Image Credit: instagram.com/madumane__rsa_/
DJ Maphorisa’s statement raises questions after Sir Trill’s rumours.

Social media is sure that DJ Maphorisa had responded to Sir Trill when he shared a strong message on his Twitter. Maphorisa warned an unknown artist that he could not compare himself with him, given the amount of work Maphorisa puts into his work. Indeed the statement from the two Amapiano artists came so close to being a coincidence; something must be happening between the two.

In short, Maphorisa says that whatever he earns, he works for it, not stealing it. Indeed, the person is talking about is someone he works with closely. Below is DJ Maphorisa’s short statement.

U see all the things i do then wena u wanna compare yourself with me, u being unfair
Chief i put in work
Sir Trill’s statement.

Sir Trill explains why he hadn’t released his highly anticipated album Ghost.

Sir Trill says there are people who are working to have him canceled because they want him to sign his music rights to them.

DJ Maphorisa helps young talent to rise.

Despite being accused of blocking potential challengers in the industry, Maphorisa has raised many artists in his arms. Through his dominance in Amapiano and a top-class recording studio, Maphorisa played a role in the rise of artists like Nkosazana Daughter, Kabza De Small and Tyler ICU.

DJ Maphorisa’s record makes it difficult to believe that at some point, he block other artists. Only time shall tell if Sir Trill referees to Maphorisa.