Did Focalistic Broke Up with Dbn Gogo For Pabi Cooper? – See Black Twitter Reactions

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Did Focalistic Broke Up with Dbn Gogo For Pabi Cooper? – See Black Twitter Reactions:

Ten months ago, it is alleged that the Amapiano “couple” of DBN Gogo and Focalistic broke up! According to City Press, they kept their breakup a secret, just like their romance. Focalistic celebrated his birthday without DBN Gogo last year, raising questions about whether they are still together or whether their busy schedules prevented them from being together.

The publication was informed by people who claimed to be close to the couple that they have split up and probably will never discuss the reason for their breakup in public. DBN Gogo and Focalistic have been dating for a long time—long before they became famous—and only announced their relationship on Valentine’s Day in 2022. They even shared photos of them while they were vacationing in Paris, but that was months ago and the last time they did that. An apparent source told the publication, “They are very private people, but they have broken up because of things they are never going to address in public.”

The so-called friend even asserts that their breakup was brought on by another Amapiano star who was close to them. “Another amapiano star appears to have tampered with their relationship,” Musa Khawula revealed that Pabi Cooper was the reason why the couple broke up. Additionally, he asserted that Focalistic selected Pabi over Dbn Gogo.

The couple denied any infidelity rumors that circulated on social media. A different source confirmed that they did end their relationship, but that it was only public and never real in the first place. “They are no longer together. The source was cited by the blog as saying, “They might have been crazy about each other, but it could also have been a publicity stunt because you know how celebrities roll.”