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DBN Gogo's Reaction After Appearing On A Billboard In Times Square, New York

DBN Gogo’s Reaction After Appearing On A Billboard In Times Square, New York:

Mandisa Radebe popularly known as DBN Gogo has taken the DJing scene by storm since her introduction to the mainstream. Whether it is her sets that leave people begging for more or dances, she has set the game ablaze. Having played at events such as Ultra, Oppikoppi, Homecoming Africa & worked with brands such as Strawberry Lips & Ray-Ban, she has been able to do everything her way.

DBN Gogo is currently celebrating being on a billboard in Times Square, New York. The star took to social media to share the achievement and milestone with her fellow followers and fans. DBN Gogo was gushing over the billboard and could almost not believe it is true. Check it out:

Like any other artist starting out, DBN Gogo said she also faced challenges when starting out. “I faced a lot of challenges when I started Djing. I used to have to do free gigs to push myself. It’s quite tough to break through, you really have to stay proving yourself to people, I believe it’s even harder for females because it’s such a male-dominated industry.

As big as DBN Gogo is right now, she still has to prove herself every day. I made sure to stay consistent with my craft. There will be promoters who don’t want to understand why your rate is the amount it is and that’s totally okay because for every door that shuts there are five more that are wide open. There are a lot of ups and downs in this industry. As an artist, I just had to stay positive that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to. Now the work speaks for itself.”

Speaking on how her name came about, DBN Gogo explained; “We were having girl talk & we were on our way to Bushfire Festival in Swaziland. We were just having girl talk, talking about sex & my one friend said that where she’s from, they call the reverse missionary “iDeben Gogo” & they’ve been calling me that since.