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DBN Gogo Gets in Trouble after Slamming Pregnancy Rumors

DBN Gogo Gets in Trouble after Slamming Pregnancy Rumors:

DBN Gogo has been the discussion of the web for right around 24 hours after photographs from the Real Housewives of Lagos debut surfaced via web-based entertainment.

The DJ’s photograph got individuals believing she’s expecting a child with Focalistic, which she excused, with “Darling it’s simply a fupa. Please.”

She also responded to those who trolled her with negative comments.

“I wish you guys could keep ur negative opinions to yourself especially when people are content and happy with how they’ve presented. You’ll never control how anyone looks. You can however control your mouths.”

She further slammed those giving inappropriate comments.

“Comments and bashing are two different things. Disliking something and being straight up rude and hurtful are two different things. You won’t like everything and that’s fine. How you bring that across is the different. Nobody must accept anyones bullshit. I definitely won’t.”

All of the above was just the beginning of her internet travail, as a Twitter investigator took it upon himself to dig out the DJ’s old tweets which revealed her to be a cyberbully before she became famous, as she trolled the likes of Bonang Matheba because of their outfits to an event.

The tweets got netizens wilding as many were disappointed at how she’s reacting to cyberbully and trolls as a victim, despite being a part of the party.