DA Les Reveals Why He Will Never Work With Bongani Fassie Again

DA Les Reveals Why He Will Never Work With Bongani Fassie Again:

The popular South African-American hip-hop artist DA Les recently opened up about the animosity between him and reality TV show star Bongani Fassie.

DA Les was chatting to Lasizwe on Drink Or Tell The Truth. He told Lasizwe that he will never work with Bongani ever again.
This after Lasizwe asked him, “For the years that you have been in the industry, who is that one person you will never wanna work with again and why?”
DA Les laughed and responded: “I am going to be honest, Bongani Fassie. Even though we started together I just don’t wanna work with him ever again.”

When Lasizwe asked him why, he responded: “I just surpassed that stage in my life…Over the years there has just been a lot of back and forths and a lot of lies and at some point in your life as a grown-up, you need to be able to say ‘you know what, I am okay I will catch you, and I am not shy to say it, it is what it is. let’s keep the energy like that.”

DA Les previously spoke about how his beef with Bongani actually started.

Talking to MacG last year he said he used to hang out with Bongani back in the days, they got along and their friendship led to the establishment of the popular group Jozi.
“Me and Bongani started skating together at Fourways Skate Park through a background tunnel. The reason we were there was because we were smoking weed,” said Da Les.
Speaking about Jozi he said: “Jozi was special because we had Bongani Fassie, Ishmael, and Crazy Lu, I just had to be me.”
DA Les said the last time he spoke to Bongani was when Crazy Lu died back in 2019.

“We just spoke on WhatsApp. It’s tough because I come from a skating background and I really fell under the wing of Bongz. I threw myself into the music thing and we had break-ups. I mean Bongz left because he felt that the label was screwing us and I decided to stay to finish the contract. 
“That broke his heart he felt I may have broken his heart for choosing to stay with the label, I should’ve been riding with him. My pain started to occur when I was like damn this guy brought me into this shit and he’s not listening to me. When he left a lot of pressure was on me,” Da LES explained to MacG.