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Cassper Nyovest's Bank Account Got Hacked, And All His Money Gone

Cassper Nyovest’s Bank Account Got Hacked, And All His Money Gone:

The rapper called out the name of his bank, saying that the hackers have been withdrawing his money without being aware as the account got cloned.

Hackers Emptied Cassper Nyovest’s bank Account

Upon realizing that he’s been hacked, Mufasa says he doesn’t know the amount of money that has been stolen from his account.

“Someone cloned one of my @FNBSA cards and they have been having a ball with my money. It took me a while to notice so I don’t know how much they really stole but I want to know how is it so easy to get a card cloned? Isn’t our money supposed to be safe with these Banks,” he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Cassper Nyovest recently celebrated his achievements which he garnered as a result of hard work; he motivated young people with his story.

“Black child, it’s possible!!!! Take it from me!!! I never had shit!!!! We are THAT GENERATION!!! We breaking generational financial curses and creating wealth for our kids, our family, and our communities!!!! We ain’t leaving here empty-handed!!!!”