Cassper Nyovest Shades Costa Titch for Performing Amapiano on Stage

Cassper Nyovest Shades Costa Titch for Performing Amapiano on Stage:

Cassper Nyovest has the last laugh after he came across a clip from the Super Soft rapper, Costa Titch performing an Amapiano song in Cape Town over the weekend. This after Costa told Cassper to stick to Amapiano, seeing how he has ditched the game, and told him to not come back to do Hip Hop music, as he has broken it.

This all started when Costa joined a few other rappers who had their say about Hip Hop artists ditching the game to join Amapiano. Costa wrote on his social media, “SA Hip Hop is uniting right now. If you jumped ship, stay there and let us fix what you broke -respectfully.”

Cassper caught his sub and responded on Twitter, saying he wants Costa to tell that to his face.

“Apparently Hip Hop don’t need Cassper Nyovest!!! They coming together and things are looking bright!!! Costa is saying he is fixing what I destroyed. Azange kea tsega yana mo lifeng (I’ve never laughed this much in my life.) I’m back in SA and I can’t wait to run into him so he must explain in person…”

Cassper could not believe it when he saw Costa performing an Amapiano track, so he put on his petty cap and dragged Costa. He told him to shut up and just do whatever music he wants to prevent hunger. He also advised him that he should also push the genre, as it is proudly SA music.

Costa is tired of the shady jabs Cassper keeps throwing at him and so he responded to Cassper and clarified what he meant by the “save Hip Hop” comment he said.

“Nyovi I’ve let you to run with your narrative for long enough now without saying anything, I have no problem with you however, I don’t appreciate how you have made this situation bigger than what it actually is. I have never said I am going to save SA Hip Hop. All I said is that SA Hip Hop is uniting. If you jumped ship, then stay there and let us fix what you broke,” he said.

He said he was referencing his past tweets about being on either side, and not picking one side, “What I meant by that is that You keep pushing this narrative of being on either side “I’ll see Hip Hop in 3 years etc.” “If you tell me I’m the greatest I’ll jump on a Hip Hop song again with one of the new kids.” and that’s not right in my opinion.

“I feel you should have the right to do anything you wish and make both genres with a positive attitude without talking down on any of the genres. Also please let’s not forget that SA Hip Hop built your success in the first place. You can do any genre and still push SA music as a whole forward as you have major influence.

He then adds that Cassper is influencing and inspiring a lot of young artists in both genres because of his own success.  He then says he has a lot of respect for Cassper and he should just lay this to bed, once and for all.