Cassper Nyovest Reveals When You can Taste His Branded Liquor Billiato

Cassper Nyovest Reveals When You can Taste His Branded Liquor Billiato:

This summer will belong to Cassper Nyovest if everything goes according to his plans. The rapper and pending billionaire will be dropping his highly anticipated alcoholic beverage Billiato and will be hosting the hottest parties at his mansion.

You know this launch party will be a big one because Cassper had the talented Ennock Mlangeni to pimp his swimming pool solely for this event. “Like I said, this crib is almost ready for the summer. I’m throwing the hottest @billiato1 parties this summer!!! Artists must support other artists. Got my first @ennockmart piece and it’s in my pool. The price of my house just went up!!! This was a collab with @louilance,” he shared. 

Cassper’s swimming pool under construction Image credit: Instagram
Here’s a sneak peak of the finished product:

Cassper first announced this business venture on his interview with YFM’s Banques and Venom for their YouTube series, The Banques And Venom Show.

He described the drink as a one of a kind shooter which will give his supporters a “taste of wealth”, as people who drink it should have an idea or two of how wealth tastes like.

He did not divulge much about the drink but now he has unveiled the design and the date in which it will drop which is December 16!

In a cryptic social media post, Cassper wrote down the date and shared snaps of him holding the drink and wearing his black Drip sneakers called the 990’s.

This week has not been an easy one for Cassper as he faced bullies who came for his “plummeting” The Braai Show With Cassper numbers. Phil Mphela first broke the news and said his numbers are no match to AKA’s.

“Braai Show Season 2 numbers declined after debut. Just over 2.2-million on September 8th was the most watched episode for the whole month, meaning subsequent episodes pulled lower viewers. The new season is yet to beat season one’s 2.8-million peak,” reported Phil.

Cassper however broke his silence and pretended to not know what Phil was talking about. He said he got the job done and got paid for it.  “I’m not even gonna explain anything my dawg. You always have the answers in your tweet but fact is, I made Big Bank and my client is very happy with my service. Everywhere I go I meet fans who watch it religiously and there is talks of a rerun,” answered Cass to a fan who asked him about this.

But that did not stop Mac G, Sol Phenduka and Slik Talk as they roasted him. On Podcast and Chill, MacG trolled Cassper, “The Braai Show, I thought you will mention The Braai Show, it seems like no one is watching The Braai Show.” Then Sol added,  “The numbers are bad, terrible.”

Mac G rubbed salt to the wound and said, “The Podcast without Sol is like The Braai Show without AKA.”

Slik Talk however did not diss Cassper politely, “So I just decided to bootleg Cassper Nyovest’s show, ’The Braai Show.’ I didn’t wanna watch it on TV cause I felt like I was gonna be the only person tuning in. Apparently nobody watches this show,” Slik Talk said. He then added that, “Cassper Nyovest is a terrible presenter. Nothing is interesting about this show. If you haven’t watched it, please don’t.”

This week alone, he dissed Cassper 3 times in his YouTube channel.