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Busta 929 is Working on a new song with Former Idols SA Contestant Dinky Kunene

Busta 929 is Working on a new song with Former Idols SA Contestant Dinky Kunene:

High talented piano king Busta 929 who has been considered as one of the best in the genre, has been hitting the industry for a while now since breaking into fame last year. Since then, the star has released some of the biggest amapiano hits which are still topping charts till date.

Busta 929 took to social media to share that he is overwhelmed by sharing a studio with Idols SA former contestant, Dinky Kunene. Busta shared it on his Instagram with crying emojies which expressed his emotions of being in studio with the talented vocalist. Check it out:

Dinky Kunene, made it to the TOP 16 on South African Idols season 14 and TOP 9 on season 15. Before that, she was crowned the winner in the 2017 ‘University of Johannesburg (UJ) Can You Sing?’ competition. She recorded over 50 songs and released two (2) EPs. She has also worked with some of the most talented people in the music industry, including Mdu TRP, Bontle Smith, Job and Divakes x Nitax (Job and Divakes x Nitax are featured in the recent offering, Boomba)

Early this year she released a music video for a hit single ‘Hold Onto Me’, and the video continues to pull numbers on YouTube.Her brand-new offering, Boomba, is not just a melodic platform where Dinky flexes her vocal muscles and musical talent, but also a song with history and meaning. “The word Boomba is a well-known derogatory word used to tease thick-sized people. And this is a word that was recently used on me by some social media bullies to body-shame me. But instead of hiding my body in shame, I’ve decided to use my talent to advocate for people like me,” said Dinky Kunene, explaining how the hit single Boomba came about.