Boity Shares An Update Regarding Her Assault Incident

Boity Shares An Update Regarding Her Assault Incident:

Boity Thulo has expressed her gratitude to everyone who has offered support to her after a physical altercation that left her with bruising and cuts.

In the wake of the incident, Boity was quiet on social media, but it seems that she is ready to live life to the fullest again. Taking to her Instagram account, she gave her followers an update on her health. She said she is feeling better now.

“Thank you to everyone that has sent me love, support and kept me in their prayers. It means the absolute world to me. I’m doing really well and feeling better than ever.”

She also shared a picture of her and her alleged bae Anton Jeftha, in what appears to be a yatch. It is unclear whether the couple is on a beacation again.

Screenshot @boity_thulo

Anton recently celebrated his birthday and Boity took to her Instagram account to pen the sweetest message to him.

“Happy Birthday Bestie! May it be a day as stunning as your heart! And a glorious year ahead! You’re beyond worthy of all the incredible things that are coming your way! @antonjeftha,” she wrote on Instagram

Boity is recovering from a hectic physicals altercation where she was assaulted by TV and Radio personality Buji Bikwa. In a now-deleted statement, she revealed that she has opened a case against him.

“It is with deep sadness to state that I was indeed an unfortunate victim of a vicious physical assault and I have since opened a case against the culprit., which I am following with keen interest. I do not wish to comment on the matter any further (at this time). I respectfully request some space as I try to find a way to heal both physically and emotionally from this traumatic experience,”

Meanwhile, Bujy has also opened a case against Boity, “…and after being in pain from the injuries I sustained for 7 days, being held in police custody, I have received medical attention and have filled my medical records towards my counter case.”

In a statement, the radio host apologized and said he could have handled the situation differently ” I would like to apologize to everyone for my reaction in the situation. I regret that it happened and also accept the occurrence as unacceptable behavior, and I could have handled the situation differently and not have it escalate to the levels  it has from either myself or the said complainant and I do not condone any acts of violence by any person including myself.”

Bujy told TshisaLive that Boity sent him a letter demanding payment, but he feels that it is unfair, considering both of them were at fault.

“I need to take accountability for her scars but now, she opened a case, I got arrested…the worst part is that she sent a letter demanding R1m and I’m just like, so you don’t want to resolve this. Where will I get R1m when both of us are at fault?” he asked.