Boity Breaks The Internet With Steamy Photos

Boity Breaks The Internet With Steamy Photos

Boity has been on a gorgeous and lavish staycation, and we could have expected nothing less. While most of us would prefer to lay back and let it all hang while on vacation, Boity is keeping it all tight, and she is looking great. She recently broke the internet when she shared steamy photos of herself in a bikini. She has turned up the heat, and she is not turning it down any time soon.

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The actress is vacationing at the Mosaic Lagoon Lodge Lagoon in the Western Cape province, where she is unwinding after a long year full of drama and controversy. This year, she was in the spotlight when radio personality Bujy Bikwa allegedly assaulted her. Her fans went up in arms after truly heartbreaking and traumatising pictures emerged online of her with a bloody shirt after the assault. 

It looks like she is recovering nicely after the traumatic event, and has bounced back incredibly. She has since received five SAHHA nominations, and is currently going head to head with Lasizwe, Mihlali Ndamase and other international celebrities for the E! People’s Choice Awards in the African Social Star of 2021 category. 

She has been rallying her fans to vote for her, and they are showing up in a massive way for her. She is also promoting her frizzante brand — BTS Signature, which sells alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. 

Aside from being one of the best rappers in the country, she has established herself as a formidable businesswoman. In addition to the BTS Signature, she has also been involved in the creation of signature fragrances, and is the founder of the Boity Thulo Foundation, whose aim is to empower the women and youth of South Africa. 

Although tweeps largely agree that Boity is literal body goals, there is always that one person who lives to trash people, and Boity has had her moments too. She was recently dragged online because of her body, when a fan shared pictures of her in a gorgeous white dress, that apparently did not reach Tweeps’ lofty standards. 

Weighing on her body, many people compared the pictures shared by the fan with those shared by the rapper herself, and concluded that she edits her pictures thoroughly before posting them online. One even said that she was highly disappointing in person, bodywise, and that she hides her cellulite well. 

In the most audacious comment, one even suggested that she should hit the gym to shed her cellulite. The nerve! I mean, which of us hasn’t edited a picture before posting it online? A crop here, a tweak there, we’ve all done it! Why then, do social media users think it is okay to go after Boity like that because she does the same thing we have all done? And frankly, look at Boity’s pictures. Does it even matter if they are slightly edited? She still has a banging body anyway!

Luckily, Boity is too queenly to give any airtime to such trolls. She never responded, which we love for her! Don’t listen to them, Boity! You are serving exactly what we hoped would be served!