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Black Twitter comes for Uncle Waffles's Defense After Trolls Say She's Transgender

Black Twitter comes for Uncle Waffles’s Defense After Trolls Say She’s Transgender:

Uncle Waffles recently sparked a frenzy on social when she announced that Drake had mentioned her on his Instagram Stories. No stranger to going viral for her talents, the DJ made national headlines for the ‘co-sign’ from the U.S rapper.

Uncle Waffles is topping the trends list on social media after trolls questioned her gender and sexuality. While some trolls said that Uncle Waffles has small b**bs, some began to start rumours that Waffles could be transgender. Some of her fans came in defense of the star to shut the rumours and body shaming. One tweep wrote: “This transgender rumour about Uncle Waffles is just a body shaming narrative that is just being pushed for whatever reasons.”

Another social media user wrote: “Uncle waffles is getting shamed for having small boobs next thing women with big boobs will also be shamed, then its Men d*cks and body weight, next thing people are committing suicides ngoba we were laughing unaware, i hope im making sense.”

Uncle Waffles is no new to social media trolls and criticisms. Responding to the negativity that surfaced following the announcement and comparisons some created between her and other women in the music and entertainment industry, Uncle Waffles says, “If it were to happen to anyone else, a male, the was never going to be [comparisons]. “There are plenty of male artists getting recognition from international artists and it’s never a competition, just congratulations but it had to be weird obviously because it was me. I don’t get it.”

“He’s a just a person saying ‘yo, I like what you’re doing’ from afar and why wouldn’t that just be a good thing. So, for me it’s a great thing, it’s like people out there really know me – Drake knows me, you know?” she exclaims with excitement.