Black Coffee Reveals An Amapiano Artist He Believes Is A Top Tier Superstar

Black Coffee Reveals An Amapiano Artist He Believes Is A Top Tier Superstar:

Musa Keys is a young South African amapiano artist known for his lush melodies and softly rhythmic synthesizers. Due to his love for music, which began at the age of 13 when he started playing the piano at church, the multi-hit track producer became South Africa’s most popular.

The amapiano singer gets praised severally by netizens as people can’t snub the beauty exuded in his looks and music. On Thursday night, the amapiano vocalist and producer topped the trends list on Twitter as people gave shared their thoughts about him. Black Coffee who recently bagged a Grammy win for his Subconciously album proved to be a huge fan of amapiano genre, as he speaks highly of the Selema hitmaker.“Musa Keys a top-tier Superstar,” the DJ wrote.

Musa Keys reacted to Lack Coffee’s tweet endorsing him, and he was grateful that such a well established and respected artist applauded him. “Coming from you, this means the world to me Grootman. Thank you Bhut’ Nathi,” he replied.

After graduating high school he went on to study sound engineering at Damelin but dropped out during his second year. “I felt like we were stagnant and that I was being taught things that I already know. I had already done music and I was already a part of the industry that’s when I decided to drop out to pursue my music because I saw that it was starting to work out. At first, I didn’t think there would come a time where music would be my only focus, I always that I was going to be an architect.”

He’s an all-rounder creative, he shares. He’s into fashion, drawing, music and even film. But there is something especial about music that connects him to people, which is why he chose it.“I want to do the things that I love, the crazy thing is that till today I still don’t think that I am superstar, I am never satisfied with what I achieve. I always see room for improvement, I seek constant growth.”