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Babes Lawyers Up Against Trolls That Call DJ Tira her baby daddy

Babes Lawyers Up Against Trolls That Call DJ Tira her baby daddy:

Babes Wodumo is furious after allegations of DJ Tira being the “real” father of Spontshi Wodumo made rounds. This after she wished the Afrotainment Boss a happy birthday, and trolls flooded her comments section with these damning allegations.

Babes Wodumo has been trolled for the longest time, with some people targeting her weight, her “failed career”, her choices, one of them being married to a man who abused her for everyone to see, the list goes on.

Now, she is taking a stand and lawyering up to those trolls. Warning them is not enough anymore, so Babes has decided that she needs the help of legal experts to silence trolls. 

Yesterday Makoya Bearings turned 41 years of age and industry mates wished him a good one. Babes also took to Facebook to wish her big brother a blissful birthday. She even posted pictures of the two of them, making way for the nasty comments to come through. 

Comments such as, “Now here’s Spontshi’s real father,” and “let him pay child support,” really irked Babes Wodumo so she clapped back.

Babes also got dragged when she slammed women who worry about they way she raises her child. People said that she was not taking care of her son so she revealed to them that she has a nanny and that she can afford one. She also took it a bit far when she told people that if their baby daddy’s ran away and neglected their children they shouldn’t have given birth at such young ages.

“You see this thing of crying about your baby daddy who left you, don’t do that with me. I got married then I had a child so don’t compare yourselves with me. Do not compare your baby daddies with me. This has nothing to do with me.

“Your baby daddy made your pregnant then left you with the baby, I wonder why you gave birth at a very young age. So I don’t want nothing to do with that,” she said while dancing.

The backlash she received prompted TikTok trends and other celebs such as Somizi took part. She clapped back and said, “I can see a bunch of you are touched by that video. I was only answering those who get offended every time I make a Live video and they tell me how to raise my kid. “Why are you drinking when you are a mother?” “Mampintsha is going to leave you,” “It will end in tears,” Why such long nails when you call yourself a mom,” etc. I have my own money I can do whatever I want in any way I want. My child is my child, you cannot compare a baby daddy, and a husband,” she said.