Aymos Reveals How Little He Was When He Started Doing Music

Aymos Reveals How Little He Was When He Started Doing Music:

Amapiano vocalist Aymos Shili, born Amos Babili Shili is from Thembisa (formerly Tembisa), and the 24-year-old musician has been trying to break into the music industry for years. After introducing music at his high school and achieving some success with the school’s choir, he started being a sessionist and vocalist for local house deejays while releasing his own music, to not much acclaim.

The star opened up about his musical journey and that he started recording music at the age of 15. “I began recording on my cellphone when I was 15 years old. I used to use an app where you could record three takes simultaneously but the quality was awful. You couldn’t even sync the voice correctly. The technology to make my first songs was very rudimentary, but it helped,” he said.

Aymos was on the brink of giving up on music when Mas Musiq came to his house to ask for the “Zaka” vocals after discovering the song on YouTube. He also worked with amapiano duo Scorpion Kings to release one of the biggest amapano tracks of all time titled “Emcibini”, which launched his career and made him known.

The star said he is inspired by the ‘Osama’ hitmaker Zakes Bantwini. “I am inspired by Zakes Bantwini. His writing is simple yet creative and stirs the imagination. I admire the way he performs and portrays. He looks out for others and is a great motivational speaker. I learned a lot from working with him on this project. DJ Sbu has also inspired me by motivating and empowering young people to do music and business simultaneously. He shows me that it’s possible to do more than one thing. I have obsessively followed both of them through my musical journey.”