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Ami Faku's Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

Ami Faku’s Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction:

Ami Faku is probably one of the most chilled musicians there is in Mzansi and she does not deserve the trolling she is receiving currently. The Masibe Happy vocalist was spotted at a recent gig wearing her sneakers the wrong way.

“I’m not okay with how she wore those Nike’s” was what most people were saying on social media. Ami was performing in at the B-Side Cafe in Bethal, Mpumalanga on Sunday, when she appeared on stage wearing “banana’s” which is a South African term for wearing shoes the wrong way, to the point where they are shaped like bananas.

A party goer noticed how her shoes were worn incorrectly so he or she filmed her in a bid to embarrass her.

Ami was not only called out for not paying special attention to her shoes, but for also not attending events where she is booked at. One tweep wrote, “The way Ami Faku is such a chilled & dignified person. These things of being booked and not pitching and wearing bananas is so disappointing.”

In her defense, Ami said the organisers are shifting the blame towards them and not taking accountability, “Myself and the band were at the airport waiting for confirmation of the return flights from the promoter. This didn’t happen and we couldn’t travel… we can’t drive back from a different province. We are also very disappointed by how they’ve decided to shift the blame.

“We even made an effort of waiting at the airport for the confirmation of flights. We wanted that much to be there. My apologies to my supporters who were affected by this.”

Ami was once feared dead after a Facebook user worded his post wrong. He was giving her a young shout out for her song Lala Ngoxolo, but put her name next to the title. This made many people assume he meant rest in peace to her.

Ami reacted to the trend by tweeting “what the f*ck” and she also responded to a follower who laughed at the situation, by saying “bamuncu” meaning “people are bitter.”

In other news, Amapiano vocalist Lady Du revealed that she is sick and suffers from breathing problems. “Something personal I’d like to share with you guys, it has affected me for years now, since I was born I’ve had breathing problems, I can not do anything active for more than a minute, but there’s something about why I feel like God Gave me my musical talent, I can dance on stage for 25 mins pour my heart out but I won’t pass out,” she shared.

“But as soon as I run for a minute I go straight to hospital. Every 3 months I go to the doctor so they clean my system. Soooo sometimes I’ll look very tired and drained still give it my all but as soon as I get home I get weak. I’d love to go to gym but I can’t, I’d like to run on a hill but I can’t, I’d like to play around with my daughter running after her but I can’t, I can’t sit in rooms with smoke, I can’t eat certain fruits.”