Amalabatheka, a South African fast rising disc jockey duo, premiere new extended playlist termed Isilima Imfene Album. Although this body of work is concise, as it entails just four tracks. However, the songs are spectacular with unique vibe rhythms.

Furthermore, it seems, tonight made it the first time Amalabatheka would premiere their project on our top music platform. And trust the music duo, they really did justice to all the tracks on this body of work. Tonight is a good time to be alive and feel good music, coupled with the best rhythms and vibe.

Reviews & Ratings on Isilima Imfene Album by Amalabatheka

Specialists have conveyed the concept of this grouping and overwhelmed it. Additionally, the majority of the tracks fall into the amapiano subgenre and have an upbeat rhythm and vibe. We are also able to give this lengthy playlist four stars based on our listening meeting for this project. You’re in for a wild ride when you add these melodies to your favourite music playlist.

Stream and download Amalabatheka – Isilima Imfene Album:


1. Amalabatheka – Ingenile Imali

2.  Amalabatheka – Emcimbini

3. Amalabatheka – Wenzenjani  DOWNLOAD

4.Amalabatheka – Umfazi Wengeno  DOWNLOAD

5. Amalabatheka – Isilima Imfene ft Big Zulu  DOWNLOAD

6. Amalabatheka – Mphipheni  DOWNLOAD

7. Amalabatheka – Kusele Kancane  DOWNLOAD

8. Amalabatheka – Yagxumagxuma  DOWNLOAD

9. Amalabatheka – Sisho Sindawonye  DOWNLOAD

10. Amalabatheka – Eyami Lendoda ft Mroza Fakude  DOWNLOAD

11.  Amalabatheka – Asibayeke  DOWNLOAD

12. Amalabatheka – Khuluma  DOWNLOAD

13. Amalabatheka – Msheli Wami  DOWNLOAD

14. Amalabatheka – Kuyale Kuyele  DOWNLOAD

15. Amalabatheka – Kuyazenzakalela ft Mroza Fakude  DOWNLOAD

16. Amalabatheka – Awuzwa Yini   DOWNLOAD