AKA Filled With Emotions as He Works on a Tribute Song “Tears Run Dry” for Nellie Tembe:

AKA has shared a sneak peek of his latest track Tears Run Dry; the song is an emotional tribute to his late fiancée Nellie Tembe The song expresses how AKA feels living without the love of his life, the song is very emotional The lyrics have not officially been released and the song is still in a draft form.

AKA took to social media to share that he has penned an emotional song for his late fiancée Nellie Tembe. Social media users were given a short piece of the song Tears Run Dry that AKA wrote for Nellie. The song expresses how AKA feels without Nellie in his life.

AKA Filled With Emotions as He Works on a Tribute Song "Tears Run Dry" for Nellie Tembe

Here is part of the song, however it was clear that it was a draft and the lyrics might change. This is also an interpretation of the lyrics that AKA sung.

First thing on my mind/When I wake up. I cannot feel sunshine with you not waking up by my side. Nothing else can replace us. Try to break down and cry, but all my tears run dry.

Many have assumed that the song is alluding to the controversial passing of his fiancée Nelli Tembe. Taking to Twitter on their official account, the group re-shared the rapper’s post and captioned it:

“AKA finally showing us the real him… How little respect can someone have …#muteaka”

They have continued to call on the masses to mute the musician and his music.