Abidoza Teases New Song Collaboration with Samthing Soweto And DJ Sumbody

Abidoza Teases New Song Collaboration with Samthing Soweto And DJ Sumbody:

Abidoza and his 10-year career has brought him to a place where is undeniable. The multi-talented producer is nudging his way into the Amapiano mainstage with consistent hits and working with some of the best artists in the country. 

Abidoza went on social media to tease a project he has been working on with amapiano vocalist Samthing Soweto, and record producer DJ Sumbody. This is the first collaboration between these stars, however, it sounds like it will be a banger and fans can’t wait for its official release. Check it out below:

One of his biggest hits is titled ‘Motho Ke Motho’ featuring Mpho Sebina. The song takes us through a journey of self-reflection, looking at the world from the eyes of gratitude and fulfilment. Ultimately reminding us that as a people, we are, because of others. As the old saying says: “Motho ke motho ka batho (I am because you are)”.

The combination of Abidoza and Mpho is amazing as her voice gracefully brings the message of humanity through the speakers and deep into your soul. This and the beautiful sounds of Jay Sax take it to a whole new level, as his saxophone ties any doubt that one may have on this offering. “There are things that go beyond money, there are certain things we remember about people where what they have done for us, weighs more than any money they can give. It’s a song about being human and the little things that mean the world. There are certain offerings we can give that don’t cost a thing,” Abidoza explained.

He also has one of the biggest albums out in South Africa titled Pianochella alongside Major League DJz. With hit singles Dinaledi alongside Mpho Sebina and Le Plane E Landile featuring Cassper Nyovest, Kammu Dee & MaLemon. Following Pianochella, the duo have released a follow-up project titled What’s the Levol where Abidoza is responsible for Careless Whisperer alongside Jay Sax and the upbeat Ayeye featuring Costa Titch, Amaroto and Mr. JazziQ. Both music videos for these hit singles premiering on MTV Base.