8 Vital Ways to Invest in Real Estate in Soiuth Africa:

Real estate investment is popular all over the world. It is an easy way to earn cash, and you can build up a future for you through  it. But sometimes, people lose their investment when they are not careful. If you do study and research your business, then you are capable of building a financial future in real estate.

For you, I have discussed here 8 ways to make money from real estate investment. And you can decide on your own which way you find the best. There is a lazy way to invest in real estate tips from NoBSIMReviews.

Invest In A Trusted Real Estate Deal

You can make a profit more easily from investing in a Real Estate Investment Trust as compared to buying property yourself.

Real estate investment trusts act like mutual funds. You can invest in different properties. It is better than investing in only one property. In the long run, all investments go to buying properties. You wait for the eventual profits after investing in properties. REITs are typically handled by a company. There are varieties of companies, though; some companies intend to invest in healthcare or retail buildings.

Get A Rental Property

In this method, you have to buy a property and rent it to a trusted person. You can earn money from rent and use it to pay the mortgage of the property. By the end of the mortgage, your earning will be significantly increased due to rent increases.

Although you need to keep in mind the cost of the home. You need to spend money on maintenance and repairs. Many people think that rent is fixed, but it’s not true. Property value depends on the location and economic state of the country. If the economy of the country falls, then the property owner needs to rent their property in a lesser amount than the mortgage payment. So you need to figure out the steps of buying a house accordingly.

House Hacking

House hacking is a profitable way to make good money. For this, you need to buy a multi-flat building. You can live in one unit and rent other units from your property. This will help you in getting monthly cash from rent, and you can easily bear your expenses. 

This house hacking system is a kind of similar thing. You can be an owner to all units instead of one property. For house maintenance, if you have the funds, you can hire repair people, or if you want, you can do it yourself.

Rent A Particular Side of Home

It’s similar to house hacking, but this method is more straightforward. You live in a house where you don’t need to use all those rooms. So, you can rent your property easily while living in it. You don’t even need to purchase that property to give rent to people.

You need to be careful about your location and the people whom you are renting to your house. So, it’s quite an easy way to earn some cash while living in your home.

Flipping Property

Flipping property means you purchase a house, update and repair it, and then you sell it for more than the amount spent on purchasing and updating it. Therefore, you should know that most of your time, money, and energy will be required to make money this way in real estate. You need to have money to buy the property and time to renovate it. 

I would recommend you choose a trusted contractor before flipping property. Otherwise, you will not profit from what you imagined. Also, it’s not guaranteed that it will sell better even if you update it. Your real estate market, location, and economy play a vital role in your property’s future. But if you know how to play your cards right, you can make a profit.  

Online Real Estate Investing

Online real estate investing entirely relies on an online presence, as its name implies. It requires a good platform to fully fundraise. There are some excellent online real estate investing websites. They allow managers to connect easily with potential investors.

In this online real estate, you can receive the returns just like a standard stock. And with the help of trusted websites, it is safer and easier to do business. Back in the days, it was said that only rich people could fundraise. But now anyone can do it. One of the advantages of online investment is you do not need to face common landlord problems. The real estate company manages all the needs and gives a good amount of profit.

Real Estate Funds

In REITs, you usually invest with other investors in companies that manage the properties. But sometimes, they may have direct investments in real estate properties. REITs can be compared with stocks. Because real estate funds are like mutual funds that are usually used in stocks.

Real estate funds will increase in value by time. Real estate doesn’t give short term income as REITs do. Basically, real estate funds will increase their value when the assets’ value is also increased.

Private Equity Funds

Private equity funds gather money from different investors and invest in a property. It’s similar to real estate trust, but it’s only available for wealthy people. To start this investment, you need to have over $100,000 in your account. And it can rise to a 7-figure range, depending on the funds you invest.

It’s not available to those who have less money and are nonprofessional. However, for those who can invest in these private funds, it’s the best choice to earn a good amount of money.


Real estate investment is a great way to invest money for earning profits. If you know how to manage things and can do the research yourself, you can make a large sum of profit through these investments. But you need to be cautious about all risks and then make informed choices.